General Features
  • Multi-company software, Handles any number of companies
  • Multi-user software, Allows any number of users
  • Unlimited cheque-books for each account
  • User-friendly, flexible, powerful & reliable
  • Maintains a complete inventory of cheque
  • Works in existing environment of computer and printer
  • Easy to train users for operating the software
Installation & Setup
  • Simple installation and seamless registration
  • Setup wizard for setting Bank, Branch, Account & Users
  • Convenient printer setup for smooth print of cheques
Security Features
  • Assigns individual rights for users
  • Password protection for unauthorized access
User Preferences
  • Customize your cheques with the font & Size selection
  • Configuration settings for printer, text, Cheque alignment
Cheque Printing and Management
  • Interactive Cheque template designer with mouse and key operated controls
  • Stamps for "A/C PAYEE ONLY" and "NON NEGOTIABLE"
  • Auto current date in cheques with option for modification
  • Post-dated cheques can be issued
  • Auto conversion of number to words
  • Preview of cheques – before actually printing
  • Provision for recording remarks against each cheque
  • Generates and Prints Remittance Advice
  • Provides instant information on payments
  • Easy and powerful search tools enable you to search and find a cheque with full details
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF for further analysis

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